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Welcome to Our Path Home - into All the Fullness of Christ

I desire one thing. To know the Father and to know Jesus Sent in all fullness right here on this earth. For 40 years I have followed after to know the Lord in all the ways through which He alone has led me, storing the Bible by the Holy Spirit in my heart. Yet I am weak and of little account in this world. Does God reveal Himself through weakness? Is a human infant in a barn God showing Himself as He is? Is a man stumbling under a cross he cannot carry the Father revealed?

What do you want?

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I contend with you, heart to heart. What do you want?

I have been writing in a continual stream since the fall of 2006. That stream changed for me, took on a deeper level in the knowledge of God, who and what He is, in the fall of 2011. The letters that I wrote prior to the fall of 2011 are found on here on this website.

I call this site "Our Path Home," because I wrote my earlier letters out from what God says in the New Testament partly in hope and only partly in knowledge. I wrote what I knew must be true because God says, but I came to know it to be true by speaking only what God says until it became obvious and real to my spirit. When I read back through these earlier volumes, I see things that I would word differently today. No matter, for as this has been my path home, so also you may well find the Lord Jesus leading you home through these earlier letters as well.

Another website of mine, contains all of my writing from the fall of 2011 until the spring of 2015 when I recrafted the flow of the Lord Jesus through my heart and my fingers into a lesson format. My present writing can be found on my website

Most of the letters I have written are compiled in series, each of which I turned into a book. You can purchase a hard copy of each book from Amazon, but I also have them listed under "Books and Series" in the right-hand column. If you click on each of those titles, you will find the entire book by chapters on this website along with an audio reading of the chapters.

I write for one purpose only, to know the Father and to know Jesus Sent. I write because I love to write, because I hear Jesus singing in my heart as my fingers type.

I share what I write with you for one reason only, so that the Lord Jesus Christ, the One who fills your heart with His glory and who loves you with a love beyond all the passion of the universe, might use my words, if He so wishes, to cause you to see and to know Him.

Jesus IS Lord; we ARE His body. Jesus is Savior AND Salvation, and He does all things well.