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Home As It Really Is - Journey's End

Volume 1 of Our Path Home
By Daniel Yordy

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Journey's End

Everyone claims that the gospel teaches that "heaven is our home." Everyone claims that the goal of the believer is to "go to" heaven after we die.

Does God ever say that?

Or does the New Testament present a totally different reality as the goal of the Christian life? And has Christianity blocked the real goal of the believer out of the gospel because it is too impossible for us to believe?

God makes some incredible claims about us in the New Testament, claims that few ever teach about. The things God says about us are just too much for most Christians, but, since everyone dies, and since believers are found only in heaven after they lose their physical bodies, then, surely, God means those impossible things are for "heaven only."

And, of course, since no one can prove otherwise, what an easy thing it is to place all the ridiculoulsy impossible claims God makes into "heaven."

God is too much.

"Filled with all the fullness of God?"
"Rivers of living water flowing out of our bellies?"
"Casting the accuser out of the heavens - overcoming him?"
"Just like Jesus?"

God is too much.

But what if, what if, God is telling us the truth? What would the Christian faith be if God were actually telling us the truth? How would we teach our children if we took God seriously?

I know that God is meek and lowly of heart. I know that He is gentle and tender and kind. He is also extravagant and filled with faith. And so, out of the gentleness of the Lord Jesus, I want to explore through this Volume, Journey's End, what the New Testament actually presents to the church as the goal of the believer in Jesus Christ.