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I Looked and I Saw Visions of God

I would like to see you rooted now in the heavens of God. To do that I want to share with you what is probably the most precious book to me, among all those I have read in my life. 

I Looked and I Saw Visions of God by Annie Schissler

These are a series of visions given to a young lady under the covering of R. Edward Miller in Argentina in the late 60’s. These visions have formed a significant part of the definition of my life over the last 30 years, having obtained them from my mother in the mid-70’s. Always before, the goal set forth in these visions was just beyond my reach, something to hope and long for, oftentimes the very catalyst that took me forward, determined to be a part of what God is doing in the earth.

Now, however, when I read through this book again, I see, not some future hope, but rather the present reality of God fulfilled in me.

Obtain a copy of these visions for yourself.  The last volume, I Looked and I Saw Visions of God, is the most important. They will be hard to find. The owner of the copyright no longer offers them and will not respond to inquiries.  

I share a number of Annie’s visions on these pages, so I will not include one here. However, I would like to give you a plumb line by which to read these visions. God always speaks to each one in the place where they live, inside their present knowledge of Him. God does not speak to anyone outside of their “ken,” their present grasp of reality, their present “theology.” 

All truth shown to Annie must be brought by us through the present revelation of the New Testament fulfilled in us by the Holy Spirit. There is much in these visions that appears negative. Yes, there is a positive-negative tension at all times in the nature and being of God. But we bring everything God speaks to us through the present revelation of Christ our life. 

Jesus will win. He will fulfill all that God speaks. He will return all creation back to the Father in truth and in love.

Inside of that reality, the visions the Lord gave to Annie can teach us much of the heavenly realms, and of what God is doing in us and through us right here on this earth. These things are very real; and God is fulfilling them in the earth. As you read the visions the Lord gave her, lift your heart up in faith that the Lord Jesus Christ is all that God is doing right now in us.  He is our life.