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Into His Image

Volume 3 of Our Path Home
By Daniel Yordy

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Into His Image

God says that He is determined to conform us to the image of His Son. He says that we will be just like Jesus as we see Him as He is.

How does God do this? What is the path that takes us to being just like Jesus?

Or does that happen without any involvement from us? Is this something God just does to us whether we are interested or not?

In this series, I take the position that God is indeed conforming us to the image of His dear Son, right now, through the many things He brings our way in this life. And I am convinced, from the New Testament, that God never forces Christ on anyone, that this Life is by invitation only.

We are most certainly active participants with God in our transformation.
Yet, it is most certainly not something we can do. I, separate from Christ, can do nothing.

But if I am not separate from Christ, what is Christ in me, as me, and through me becoming?

Paul said that Christ is being formed in us. What does that mean?

Through this series, I explore some things the New Testament teaches about this process God is taking us through - conforming us to the image of His Son. There are definite ingredients God adds to the mix, and we are most certainly involved with Him.

Everything I teach, I base utterly upon the reality of the Blood, the Cross, and the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus. Everything I explore is grounded in Jesus Himself, living in us, carrying us entirely inside Himself, and revealing Himself through every particle of our humanity.

But God is doing much more with us than conforming us to the image of His Son. When He has completed that work, we are now at the starting point of His intention. What is our mission? For what great purpose is God preparing us?

You may well be astonished at what the New Testament actually teaches concerning God's intention for us - to set all creation free into the glorious liberty we have found.