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Daniel and Maureen Yordy
Daniel and Maureen Yordy

Greetings in the name of Jesus,

I live with my family in Houston, Texas. You can access our postal address by signing up for the Christ Our Life letter, on the right. Our address is on the bottom of each letter that comes to you.

You can send me an email here: Send Me an Email

Please understand that, while I have many abilities from the Lord, I also have specific disabilities as well, as do all who are created in God's image, including you and including God (who has no Body, and yet desires one that He might show Himself to all).

My disability includes a limitation in communication. I find that I can communicate freely when you are communicating with me inside the same kindness of Word and Spirit in which I share. I also find that I can communicate best by email, rather than any kind of long-distance chatting.

But I also am unable to respond to debate or accusation. When emails such as those come (rarely), I simply erase all of it and open no more. 

Let me share here a short piece from one of my letters: Why Study the Feasts?, a piece about how and why I write.


I must say this here at the beginning of this series. I write under the deepest sense of responsibility before God. I do not willy-nilly chat about nice sounding Bible things. Some don't stay with me long because my letters are too long for them. That's fine and I bless them with all my heart. But I know this, there is so much God's people must know, food they require to be transformed into all the revelation of Christ. I write what are to some “long” letters because it's what “primes the pump.” The precious truths found in most are typically found towards the end of the letter. Those who read on find the treasure. More than that, I don't write to satisfy   mental curiosity or to add nice ideas to those who flit from one thing to the next. I write for the MOST IMPORTANT experience in the universe inside the MOST DESPERATE times known by man upon this earth.

I write with undiminished urgency. I write with the deepest sense of obligation before God towards you. I know that an account of my stewardship will be required of me. I know what is at stake, the revelation of Christ Himself in the lives of many in the midst of the greatest darkness the universe has ever known. God gives Himself to me for the sake of many; He willingly pours me out without any concern for “me” that you might possess what you must possess that will carry you all the way through.

I find and have known those who would seek to turn me towards their knowledge of Christ. “Just enjoy Christ and go back to sleep, everything will work out A-Ok,” or “here's an angle on truth you need to look at.” I highly regard and respect all who communicate anything with me. I am fully aware that there must be cross-pollination for a word of Christ to be complete. However, at the present time I find such a NEED, a desperate urgency, a burning fire inside that will not be quenched. “Just trust God,” meaning, “go back to sleep,” or “come join with what we are doing” has no relationship with Christ as Daniel Yordy.

I MUST deliver to God's people ALL that God has placed inside of me. There is no other possibility or even thought in me. I have no desire to offend, but I walk with full blinders. I will not turn; I cannot be intimidated. I am beside myself for Christ's sake; I make myself a fool that I might deliver to those whom God has appointed all He has placed in me. I do not belong to anyone, nor do I bind anyone to me.

I have years of cross-pollination planted inside of me including present word. Now is the time to deliver.

I feel like running as fast as the wind, as fast as I can. I find a power inside me pressing hard to cast off all the restraints of the chrysalis that yet limit the revelation of Christ. I feel like Forest Gump as he burst the braces from off his legs and ran as fast as he ever knew all the way home. Yes, you know Christ, but do you know Him in full manifest revelation? – I cannot rest until we do.


It is my deepest hope that the Lord Jesus, who fills your heart in Person with all of His glory, would use my words, here and there, to reveal Himself to you as you have never known Him before, and through Him, the Father.