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The Science of Electricity and Natural Health

God is real. He is absolutely real inside of everything. Everything that exists finds its existence only in the immediate presence and person of God at all times. True science, then, is simply the study of the practical realities of God inside the physical side of His creation. There is reason to suspect that science can also detect and study the practical realities of some aspects of the realms of spirit, the spiritual side of God's creation. Both sides of creation emanate from God and both share very similar traits, though on different levels.

© Daniel Yordy 2010

The Science of Electricity

Then God said, 'Let there be light'; and there was light. Genesis 1:3

God, who at various times and in various ways spoke in time past to the fathers by the prophets, has in these last days spoken to us by His Son, whom He has appointed heir of all things, through whom also He made the worlds; who being the brightness of His glory and the express image of His person, and upholding all things by the word of His power . . . Hebrews 1:1-3

By faith we understand that the worlds (ages) were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible. Hebrews 11:2

. . . He is not far from each one of us; for in Him we live and move and have our being. . . Acts 17:27-28

You might think it strange that a discussion of the life of the age to come, revealed now in us, would include a reference to either science or, of all things, electricity. And it certainly is strange inside the life of the present age where everything is separated, compartmentalized, and mechanized. And so science is considered to be a "human" endeavor, something that can't really have any relationship to God or "heaven."

But when we refer to "science," we must separate between two completely different things. There is pure science which is simply a study of that which God created, things that are, as to how they operate and work. Science is as meaningful to a study of the heavens and to the spiritual realms as it is to a study of the earth and the physical realms.

Then there is what can be called "scientism," or the exaltation of science into a religious belief system that separates itself from facts on the ground and builds mighty edifices of fantasy based on the present level of human awareness, which is very ignorant and limited.

Another way to divide between these two kinds of "science" is to call one "engineering" or "free market science" and the other "politicized science." Engineering science is very real. The modern world is built entirely out from engineering science. Right now we can look across our back fence and see two large freeway bridges being built. The science in their construction is completely understood. If an engineer tries to make up stuff out of his imagination, he will soon be on his way to prison - if his creation collapses and kills people. Politicized science, on the other hand, is quite different. Since there are "apparently" no consequences for dreaming up nonsense in politicized science, and since such nonsense is paid for by politicians who give and seek favor, politicized science can pass itself off as "real" while being, at its best, nothing more than brilliant fantasy.

The science of electricity is an engineering science. Electrical engineers are not paid by those who seek political power, they are paid by companies who sell products to customers. If those products do not work exactly as they are supposed to work, the company will go out of business. Electrical engineers deal only with reality as it is, they do not dream up stuff that is disconnected from reality.

Out of the several branches of science that are politicized in the present day, I want to address two, medicine and astronomy. These two branches of so-called "science," are filled with nonsense, and you have read and been taught many things in your school "science" books and at the "doctor's" office that are simply not true and cannot be proven in practical reality. Modern medicine is a dark religion whose god is death. It is entirely a monopoly - that's how it became politicized. If an electrical engineering company embraces nonsense, its competitors will soon produce reality and it will be out of business.

Modern medicine enjoys a monopoly backed up by government violence. Any competition to the modern doctor is quickly and violently removed by government agents. Modern medicine is controlled completely by the pharmaceutical companies who enjoy the highest profits of any businesses on earth. They have convinced most people that the answer to human health is poisonous chemicals (drugs) that hide the body's defense mechanisms (symptoms), while increasing the underlying ill health, making the target (you) a candidate for further medical intervention. They make an incredible amount of money by this delusion. (Emergency room medical intervention is in a different category.)

Because modern medicine is a monopoly scam that gains its power by the religious belief of its victims, there is inside it very little actual science. Doctors are programmed to present themselves as the source of all medical wisdom. Although they speak "gently," they move in incredible intellectual arrogance and are some of the most deluded people on earth.

Astronomy, now, is a fascinating delusion, primarily because there is not a clear reason why nonsensical fantasy, that does not fit reality in any possible way, continues to be trumpeted as human brilliance.

God is real. He is absolutely real inside of everything. Everything that exists finds its existence only in the immediate presence and person of God at all times. True science, then, is simply the study of the practical realities of God inside the physical side of His creation. There is reason to suspect that science can also detect and study the practical realities of some aspects of the realms of spirit, the spiritual side of God's creation. Both sides of creation emanate from God and both share very similar traits, though on different levels.

If the Son "upholds all things by the word of His power," then it is evident that true science is simply one approach to the study of Christ.

Now, this understanding is important to any discussion of the life of the age to come. Inside the life of the age to come is the application of pure science - that is, an understanding of the realms of God's creation, both the spiritual and the physical - heaven and earth - as it really is. There is 100% agreement between pure science in all directions and the Bible as the word God speaks. When so-called "science" pretends to differ from the Bible, there are two reasons for it. The first could be that present science, engineering science, has not gone far enough to explore reality as it is. The second reason is that this so-called science is not science at all, but scientism, human delusion dressed up in "science" garments, but hiding a religion underneath.

Let me give you an example of true science limited by present knowledge. Two hundred years ago, if you had suggested to people that there were tiny creatures covering their body and filling their insides, creatures that were incredibly ugly, but too small to be seen by the naked eye, you would have been treated as a lunatic, or, more likely, as someone dabbling in the occult and the dark arts. Man did not have the instruments at the time to detect such creatures. Between then and now those instruments were invented and now the idea that one's eyebrows are filled with millions of hideous little creatures, munching on one's flesh as it flakes away, does not raise any questions, theological or otherwise, in our minds.

Right now, man does not have the instruments to detect demon spirits (or so we surmise). There is no reason to claim that those instruments will never be developed. Before we had instruments, we doubted the existence of bacteria because we could not see it. In the same way, man doubts the presence of energy forces that have both personality and evil intent, only because he does not have the instruments necessary to detect those forces. That doesn't mean they don't exist or that they don't have a definitive "body" that can interact with the human body and soul.

Microscopic creatures, ugly to behold, munching on human flesh is neither more nor less science nor more nor less real than "spirit-scopic" creatures, ugly to behold, munching on human misery.

But the arena that the advancements of modern instruments, devices invented by man that enable him to "see" things that are unseen by the naked eye, has exploded beyond all recognition is astronomy, the study of the physical heavens. Yet, here is an incredible thing. Even though the theories of Newton, Einstein, and Twentieth Century astronomy (pre-ability to "see" days) are blown to pieces on almost a daily basis by what is actually out there, yet modern man has refused absolutely to let go of those disproven ideas. He has turned instead to today's greatest fantasists, the mathematicians, to figure out how on earth what they are seeing across the heavens can all be explained by Newton's theory of gravity.

And so to explain how "gravity" can do all these wondrous things, the mathematicians have pulled out of their hats such unprovable bits of nonsense as "dark matter," and "black holes," and "string theory," and "nuclear fusion," and so on. None of these fantastical ideas ever find their way into a practical laboratory because all engineers know they are complete fabrications. Governments have spent untold billions of dollars to duplicate "nuclear fusion" on earth to complete and continuing failure. Why? Because there is no such thing. That's why it takes government money to build the huge "super colliders." No private business would waste a penny on such nonsense.

So, let's look at astronomy as it really is. The universe is electrical. The sun is a large solid ball of rock that sustains a vast and continual electrical arc lamp discharge above its surface exactly like the electrical arc used by welders. That electrical arc is fed by huge currents of electricity that flow down the arms of the Milky Way to its center. Everywhere astronomers look across the universe they see the effects and the power of electricity. Everything they see is understood perfectly by electrical engineers who duplicate the vast things out there at a small scale in their laboratories all the time.

But astronomers refuse to see electricity as electricity, they insist on fantasizing explanations out of the failed theory of a gravity-driven universe to somehow explain their continual surprise at what they see. Yet, no matter how many times their theory is blown away, they cannot let go of it.

But to understand the universe as an electrical entity makes perfect sense. There is nothing strange or unusual about it. Then, when you look at the extraordinary pictures of "exploding galaxies," you can agree with yourself that, yes, that looks exactly like what I see in any neon light - electrical charge moving through plasma, the fourth and most common state of matter.

May I suggest to you that, just as taking science in school was important for your life, in the same way, understanding the electrical universe as it really is, is also important for your life. You can find a further explanation and the website to study in a few pages, in the box titled, "Thunderbolts."

There is another side of the electrical universe and that is a complete re-writing of the history of the solar system over the last 10,000 years. That re-write gives us an utterly different understanding of what actually happened that is far more in agreement with what is written in the Bible, and in fact elevates all kinds of "metaphorical" allusions in the Old Testament into actual physical reality.

It is a mistake to try to apply modern "science" to the Old Testament because so much of that so-called science is nonsense coming out of profound ignorance.

But the electrical history of the solar system is an entirely different subject, and though it is one of my favorite subjects in the entire world, we must leave it here and return to the science of electricity.

The entire universe is powered by huge bands of electricity that move through the universe in always paired currents - two currents twirling together but never joining, that are termed Birkeland Currents, after the man who discovered their existence a hundred years ago. Stars form as pinches along these currents, which exhibit every property of electricity that is so familiar to electrical engineers and is used by them in their laboratories to create all of the wonderful applications of electricity that make our lives so comfortable.

Electricity is scalable. That is, phenomena in which a single event is bigger than a galaxy, can be duplicated exactly the same on a small scale in a laboratory. That's why tropical hurricanes look just like the top down view of galaxies, it's because they are powered exactly as galaxies are powered, by electrical currents.

But here is to me the most incredible FACT that you will discover about the electrical universe if you take the time to study it. Although electrical universe scientists can talk about those huge bands of Birkeland currents that power the universe, they can show where they flow and describe their impact and power, what they freely admit they cannot do is tell you in any way where that power comes from. The power generator that sends those great bands of electrical power across the universe, spinning the galaxies, lighting the stars, spinning the planets, and forming the elements, the source of that power cannot be seen within the physical universe. The ultimate power generator is completely unknown, separate, if that be possible, from the physical universe.

God, who at various times and in various ways spoke in time past to the fathers by the prophets, has in these last days spoken to us by His Son, whom He has appointed heir of all things, through whom also He made the worlds; who being the brightness of His glory and the express image of His person, and upholding all things by the word of His power . . .Hebrews 1:1-3


By faith we understand that the worlds (ages) were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible. Hebrews 11:2

Note that Hebrews 11:2 does not say that the universe is made out of nothing. It says it is made out of that which cannot be seen. We well know the effects of electricity in all of its many and very different applications, but no man has ever seen it.

Everything physical is made of electricity. If all electrical charges were removed from your body it would instantly cease all existence. But electricity has many different properties that are expressed quite differently in different conditions. Just look at the Periodical Table of Elements. Every element on that table is simply a function of electricity, that is, a certain number of negative charges counterbalanced by a certain number of positive charges. If you took a chunk of lead and removed two negative charges and two positive charges from every atom, you would have yourself a chunk of gold. Lead and gold are very close in the number of charges, yet they are very different in physical properties and uses. Look at carbon, the building block of life, it consists of 6 negative charges balanced against 6 positive charges. Yet, if you go up just one, to 7 and 7, you have nitrogen, a gas that makes up the majority of the atmosphere. Very different in properties and applications. A diamond is made of carbon atoms, as is your brain.

Everything physical is electricity in one form or another. Even gravity is simply a weak side-property of electricity.

But electricity has two basic "forms." One is charged "particles," the other is called "radio waves" or the "light spectrum." Present science knows how to use electricity, but readily admits that it does not understand it, and that the terms it uses are not really accurate.

The charged-particle side of electricity is well-known to us. It is the matter that we touch and use, solids, liquids, and gasses. We even see plasma when it fills a fluorescent tube. But we also understand perfectly the reality of the wave side of electricity, or light. We know that our television sets can show us things happening far away simply through the dispersal of energy waves, and so on.

But electro-magnetic frequency and the wave properties of electricity function in many different ways in nature. Every physical item has its own electrical frequency and those frequencies can be measured. The more complicated the physical item, such as a plant, the more complicated its frequency. But as a science, the science of electrical frequency is in its baby stages. It has hardly begun. We know very little about the properties of electrical frequencies and how they interact with each other.

But let me give you a clear example of electrical frequency in operation. A tree sends down its roots seeking for water. Let us say that the ground is dry, but that you place a full barrel of water with openings at the top twenty feet beyond and below the furthest reaches of the tree's root system. Come back a month later and you will find the roots of that tree tapping into the barrel. Yet the roots grew only towards that water, they did not grow anywhere else. How did the tree roots know which way to go? It is not possible that any physical atoms from the water could travel through 20 feet of dry soil. Simple, the soil in no way hindered the electrical frequency of the water which emanates outward as a wave. The tree root is programmed to search for that particular frequency. And there you have it, simple, easy to understand "science."

Or is it? You see, here is the problem. I have just described a quality that has been defined by Christians as new-age occultism. You see, a tree branch retains that frequency inside itself that "reaches" to connect with the frequency emitted by water even when it is cut off from the tree. When I was in school, I held a forked branch in my hands and carried it forward until it passed over a cup of water on the floor. I could not keep that branch from pointing down to the water.

That quality is called "water witching." Once, at a community in which I lived, someone, unknown to the chief elder, had invited a man to come and "water witch" on our property. When the head elder found out, we canceled everything and spent a day in prayer and deliverance to free our community from the effects of relying on the occult and the demonic for our needs.

Francis Bacon was called a child of Satan because he used eyeglasses to improve his seeing. Christians of his day were convinced that he was dabbling in the black arts and occult religion by doing so.

So let's take this a step further. Look at a tree. It is inside of our present understanding of science to be able to conceptualize the possibility that that tree emits a particular electrical frequency that extends out a certain distance from that tree, and that electrical frequency can be measured.

Could we call that electrical frequency the tree's "spirit"?

And if you have a group of trees close together, does the electrical frequency of the individual trees overlap each other? And does the electrical frequency of one tree affect in any way the electrical frequencies of the other trees? In other words, does the spirit of one tree affect the spirits of all the trees around it?

There is nothing ungodly or unbiblical or unscientific about this way of thinking. Yet because of man's ignorance under vanity, this kind of thinking is called "occultic" and "new age" by Christians. It is nothing of the sort. A tree's "spirit" is not another person inhabiting that tree. It is simply a part of that creation we call a tree.

You see, the spiritual side of the universe (heaven) is completely interwoven with the physical side of the universe (earth). With that understanding, all kinds of statements in the Bible suddenly make complete sense. For instance, "The trees of the field shall clap their hands." Is it just a metaphor or does it speak of something real?

The Science of Natural Health

Let's bring this discussion into human health. Our bodies are electrical in every way. Even the chemical and physical properties of our bodies are simply different forms of electrical phenomena. But beyond the chemical and physical properties of electricity, our bodies are also filled with the wave or frequency properties of electricity. Our nerve cells are simply the pinch points of the electrical circuits that power the body; the brain communicates with the cells and organs of the body through electrical properties very similar to the telephone.

Natural health, as it has matured, has recognized the electrical nature of the human body, that it is an entire system based on electrical frequency and not a bunch of mechanical parts tacked together. Electrical frequency operates on a balance between negative and positive charges. If that balance is thrown off, your body manifests sickness. Modern medicine further disrupts and throws off the electrical imbalance that has made you "sick" because it is more profitable to keep you sick. Modern medicine would not survive a year if we lived in a free society. The free market would hound it out quickly. Natural medicine treats the body as a whole, a "sickness" in one part reflects an imbalance in the electrical frequency of the body as a whole. You fix that imbalance, inexpensively - since the things God created for our health are inexpensive, and the symptom goes away.

The next question to ask is this. Is the human spirit an electrical phenomenon? Is it one more of the many varied results of electricity? More than that, are angelic spirits simply further manifestations of a side of electricity that is invisible in the physical realms and undetectable by our present level of instrumentation?

This may sound strange to you if you are considering these things for the first time. But that is only because we have lived in a milieu of thinking that divides and compartmentalizes everything into unrelated categories out of ignorance.

Consider this word from the Bible.

A merry heart does good, like medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones.Proverbs 17:22

To the modern mind this sounds like an old wives' tale, along the lines of drinking horse urine or using dried salamanders for medicine. But if my argument and questions are true, then this word from God becomes literally true, simple, easy-to-understand scientific reality.

There are many directions one can take to study this more scientific approach to understanding the physical body than the popular slice and dice approach. However, for the purposes of this letter and our attempts to understand what Jesus was talking about when He said that we have eternal life, that is, we have inside us now the life of the age to come, we will just go in a couple directions.

Now, if something is called "science" in today's world, it is immediately accepted by Christians as normal and perfectly fine with God. There is a practice in modern medicine that, in any other context, would be met with horror and revulsion. That is the practice of sawing a man's chest open, pulling the ribs wide apart, and tearing out the heart while it is still beating. Then, taking a heart that once belonged to someone else and attaching it back into that bloody cavity.

If a believer has had a heart transplant, or needs one, we do not live under any form of accusation. All things are lawful to us. All things. However, Paul added this one thought, "But I will not be brought under the power of anything."

God has worked on my heart as me for 53 years, now. He has pummeled it and bled it dry, He has broken it more times than once. He has filled it with a depth of the knowledge of Him that I would not trade for anything in this world. And He has filled my heart with a desire to know Him upon this earth. That desire is holy and very uncommon. All of that is in my heart. The greatest memories of my life are the times when my spirit made contact with God in a covenant agreement and connection. I remember every one of those times, the place, the circumstances, the sense of holiness, the profound, face-on-the-floor aura that lay upon me. Every one of those moments are written deeply upon my heart. I would rather keep the heart God has worked in me in all the years of walking together with Him than save my life and lose my heart. And I most certainly do not want someone else's heart and all the emptiness and shallowness that would undoubtedly come with it.

Modern science claims that "I" am an expression of my brain and not my heart. But modern science is proven wrong, as has happened many times before.

There are many stories coming from those who have received into their bodies the heart of another person. Those stories are incredible and quite true. We know they are true because they show us that the Bible has always been perfectly correct when it talked about the part of our human person that is found in the heart or the kidneys or the liver.

Here is one grouping of stories. I have read many more and you could find them as well if you did a search on the Internet. So many people are one kind of person with their original heart and then become an entirely different kind of person with their new heart. And so many of those, when they search it out, discover that the person they have become is the person whose heart they received.

This group of stories even includes a lesbian, a homosexual woman who lusted after other women all the time, who received a heterosexual heart and never knew a lust for another woman ever again. You have no idea what you are getting inside the heart of another person.

So, may I suggest that our spirit and our body are very inter-related and entwined together. Our spirit is different from a tree's "spirit" or an animal's spirit. The spirits of earthly creatures vanish with the demise of their physical properties. Our spirits exist right now as a literal "body" in the heavens in which we continue living after our physical body perishes as if we had not died at all. Our spirit interconnects with our minds as well as with our hearts and kidneys (often translated "reins" in the King James Old Testament). All of it is a dynamic whole.

But there are certain points on our physical body out of which the electrical frequency of our body emanates more than other points. Eastern culture has identified those points as "Chakra points" and uses acupuncture needles to access those points. None of this is "occultic"; it is perfectly normal science. Even something as close to pagan human sacrifice as open heart surgery and heart transplant becomes perfectly fine for a Christian when he becomes convinced it is "scientific." Even if the science behind it is primitive, dark, and brutal.

Furthermore, it is not "occultic" to use a Chinese term, such as "Chakra points" to describe some scientific phenomenon. Look at the Saxon words, "blessed" or "holy." They have hideous and evil pagan ritual origins.

My health care provider uses "muscle testing" to determine what herbs my body needs. This is simply applying the science of electrical frequency, no different than your use of a similar science when you turn on your TV. Because our spirits are finely tuned with each other's, the effects are amazing. She can be stumped on what my body needs. We go over to her rows of herbal products, and she doesn't even need to press down on my arm or say out loud what herb product she is testing. She glances at various bottles, I feel nothing. Then her eyes alight on the one my body needs and it feels almost like an electrical jolt, but wonderful and life-giving, going all through my body. I know it instantly.

That is no more demonic than listening to a radio picking up "invisible radio waves." And it is much less "demonic" than open-heart surgery, tearing out the heart God has shaped inside of you, and replacing it with the heart of an unregenerate who has never known the Lord.

"Heart" is not a figurative expression. It is real.

Faith is not religion, it is science, that is, a normal operating quality of God's creation. In fact, nothing is religion.

Faith is undoubtedly a function of the science of spirit, of that part of electrical frequency that is yet invisible to our present senses and beyond our limited instrumentation.

Is Christ electricity? That is definitely not saying it right.

Is electricity a manifestation of Christ in the physical universe?

It can't be anything else.

God, who at various times and in various ways spoke in time past to the fathers by the prophets, has in these last days spoken to us by His Son, whom He has appointed heir of all things, through whom also He made the worlds; who being the brightness of His glory and the express image of His person, and upholding all things by the word of His power . . .Hebrews 1:1-3

Let's apply this understanding of the universe to three things in particular.

First, the present solar system.

The earth is not an isolated rock functioning in a disconnected way by the operation of physical and chemical laws only. The earth is connected with the sun and the other planets vitally and continually through many different properties of electricity. Since astronomers refuse to acknowledge electricity in space, we know much less about its qualities and operations than we could. They call the massive electrical current flowing from the sun to the earth "solar wind." Charged particles moving through a plasma is the definition of electricity that any electrical engineer would tell you, but astronomers cannot bring themselves to say the hated word. They call the electrical arcing above the surface of the sun "magnetic reconnection," even though electrical engineers will assure you that such a concept is ludicrous. There is no magnetism without electricity - and no engineer has ever observed magnetic "lines" reconnect.

Does the earth have a "spirit" in the same way that a tree does? The type of "spirit" that would vanish with the demise of the earth? Ah, but now the alarm bells are ringing, "mother earth," "Gaia," "new age." Certainly, new agers are as screwed up in their thinking as the politicized scientists, but that doesn't mean they don't stumble onto true facts in the same way that politicized scientists stumble onto true facts now and then. Both may twist those facts into the wrong directions, but it does not change the reality of reality.

We don't really need to go beyond the Bible to discuss these things, but the Bible is full of stuff that we have dismissed as "metaphorical" language. The electrical universe theory contends that those things are not metaphorical at all. They are real. Here we have science calling strange passages in the Bible real when Christians insist they should be interpreted metaphorically only!

The electrical theory of the universe gives us substantial and overwhelming reason to believe that the present quiet state of the solar system is highly unusual. The planets and moons are in their present positions only because electrical charges search for the places of least resistance when they are not disturbed by foreign electrical imbalance. For instance, the idea that comets are "dirty iceballs" is ludicrous and has been proven false by NASA's own research. Rather, they are simply hard rock objects that have picked up a completely different electrical charge from the sun while they are far out. As they come nearer the sun, the electrical discharge from the positive sun to the negative comet causes the comet to spew out jets of electrically charged particles that are in no way like physical dirt "blowing" away from the comet.

The normal state of the solar system is one of occasional extreme and catastrophic destruction. The electrical discharge from the sun has also been at a low state for the past 2,500 years, plus or minus. In ancient times massive electrical phenomenon was constant and everywhere. Other planets swung in much closer to the earth than they do now. (Large objects cannot collide because of the positive-negative interaction anymore than an electron and a proton could collide.)

When a differently charged body comes in close to the earth, the charge differentiation is resolved in exactly the same way as when you cross a carpet and touch a doorknob. That "static" spark is caused by a charge difference (negative - positive) between your finger and that metal knob. But a "static" spark that goes from one planet to another is called a thunderbolt. This whole planet is covered with the massive scourings of mighty thunderbolts crisscrossing it - in the history and memory of man upon this earth.

Our forefathers testified over and over of these things in every way possible, but we refuse to believe a word they said because we're too "smart."

The sun is entirely dependent on the flow of electricity coming down the arm of the galaxy for its light. If that flow slows down, the sun dims. If there is a sharp spike in that flow, the sun cannot take that spike anymore than the transformer on the pole outside your house can take it.

Wrap a chain around two electrical wires feeding those transformers and watch what happens to them. (Don't, you'll go to jail.) They will explode - but why will they explode? Simple. There is too much electrical energy for the transformer to match and that electricity must find a counterpart. It blows apart the transformer as it reaches for more surface area to discharge upon. The same thing has happened on a solar system scale at least once in the history of man upon this earth, and maybe more than once.

When a spike of electricity, more than the surface of the sun can discharge, comes down the currents feeding the sun, then the sun must split into more than one piece to gain enough surface area to take up that discharge.

This is perfectly normal stuff. Our forefathers have stood upon this earth, including men mentioned in the Bible, and watched these very things happening in the heavens above. And they tell us about it, including in the Bible. We just don't believe a word they say, or we call it "a miracle." They have watched thunderbolts striking the earth, carving out massive channels upon its surface. They have witnessed wild electrical phenomenon in the sky and in the spaces between the planets. They wrote down everything they saw, or told it carefully to their children so that we would remember it, or made stone carvings of it, but we are too arrogant in our "scientific" knowledge to believe a word they said.

As I said, the solar system has been a fairly quiet place for the last 2500 years. There is good reason to believe that will change. And when it does, it will change quickly. (I am not predicting the future, just presenting possibilities.) Modern scientific man has no means by which to explain to himself a planet blowing out of the sun over several hours or massive planetary electrical phenomena between this new planet and the present older ones arcing back and forth through space - stupefyingly visible to us on this earth.

The result will be mass hysteria and the loss of faith by many who call themselves Christians.

Listen, this God who fills our hearts is a wild One and very bold. You know as well as I that He does things that are mind-blowing and often quite terrifying. You will be tempted to shrink back into a little safe God that does everything nice and makes a solar system that works like a clock, predictable and boring. Don't yield to that temptation. It cannot be true.

An electrical universe is very easy to understand and to explain. And everything the ancients claim they saw is easily duplicated in an electrical laboratory exactly as they say it appeared in the heavens, only on a much smaller scale. The thunderbolt of Thor, in its exact shape, can be duplicated in a laboratory and can be shown to be identical to the massive galaxy-wide "super nova" explosion.

If the electrical history of the solar system is accurate (and it agrees far more with the words of Scripture than the uniformitarian-gravity theory that it displaces), then how we read and understand many things the Bible says will change.