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Thunderbolts - David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill

I would strongly recommend that you spend time on the following website. The proof of the electrical universe is overwhelming and real. This website is dedicated to the study and the promotion of the electrical theory of the universe as opposed to the gravity/nuclear-fusion theory of the universe.

I have read the Picture of the Day page almost every week day for over six years, now. It is one of the first three sites I go to each morning. It is here. Book mark it and visit it regularly.

It takes time and study to remove from one's mind the years of accumulated nonsense from our education inside the darkness of this world. It is worth your while to do so inside of both astronomy and the human body.

I have purchased several of the books and have spent delight-filled time studying them. They are well-made and scientifically sound. I would love to get the videos as I have resources.