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The Jesus Secret: Who I Am

By Daniel Yordy

The PDF downloads of this book are in the column on the left. The complete document is large, about 3mb. The three parts are identical to the complete version, except that they are each smaller and easier to manage.

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Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful (Hebrews 10:22).

What do you want?

If knowing Jesus more deeply than ever before
is somewhere inside your deepest answer, then:

This book will reveal Him to you more
than you have ever known, and He will
transform your life.

He has already transformed mine.

Let’s keep on speaking our hope that we are just like Jesus and never stop, because when we speak what God Himself speaks, He will do what He says He will do.

In the words of the New Covenant are claims and statements and promises so bold, so daring, so impossible that Christian thinking long ago blotted them out. “Death is abolished.” “Be just like God.” “Rivers of living water flow out of your belly.” “Filled with all the fullness of God.” Doesn’t happen here, is the testimony of too many. Can’t happen 'till heaven.

But the New Covenant speaks of a power so great, so unimaginable, so Universe-shattering, so secret and hidden few have even known of its existence. Fewer still have apprehended this power for themselves. It is a secret.

A scrawny little man, 2000 years ago, was the first to be shown this secret. He shared with us the doorway; he laid out its depths; he pointed to its full meaning and implications. But this man, Paul, got his head chopped off, and after he died the secret was soon forgotten. People still read Paul’s words, but they no longer knew what he meant. It is hard to understand why Paul’s secret is so hated by so many.

There is a power that can create universes with the utterance of a word. There is a power that can stand Death on its head, turn it inside out, and banish it from all reality. There is a power that can transform lives and make people whole and fill them with love.

Now, once again, that power is revealed to man on this earth. Once again, we are given the opportunity to apprehend that power, to experience it, to make it ours forever. The secret of that unimaginable power is right here, in this book. It is:

The Jesus Secret

I know this to be true:

If you enter The Jesus Secret, your life will never be the same. Everything that belongs to Jesus will now belong to you. Everything that Jesus is, right now above the heavens, you are, right now on this earth.

And the price for this Secret? The cost of a power beyond human experience? What is it worth to you? How much would you expect to pay? The wealthy pay millions for the chance to escape death. How much would it be worth to you, not to escape death, but to defeat it?

The price is simple. The trade is easy. The cost?

Only your heart - all of it - and forever!