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The Mystery of Iniquity - Introduction

The Spirit of God through the New Testament discusses the mystery of iniquity back and forth between discussing the revelation of Christ AS IF it is something He wants us to understand. I take God seriously.

At the same time, we do not become "experts" on what wicked men do in the darkness. Jesus said, "Be wise as serpents, but harmless as doves."

I would recommend that you obtain at least one book to understand how the mystery of iniquity moves through money and finance to control the whole world, that is, None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen. If you type "None Dare Call It Conspiracy" into Amazon search, you will find an inexpensive copy of the book, used. You will also see a number of different titles discussing the "secret" or "mystery" of iniquity as it permeates this world. Most of those books are accurate and true.

I am not suggesting that you become an "expert" on the mystery of iniquity. It is important, however, to understand that everything in this world that appears substantial is all a facade, a charade, a scam, a confidence game, a mask of "goodness" that covers over despicable wickedness.

The most important secular book of the twentieth century is George Orwell's 1984. It is the most referred to 20th century book in today's world. It speaks directly to present human government, to the government of the Beast. However, another book is more accurate in how the Beast rules, and that is Aldous Huxley's A Brave New World. The Beast does not usually have to force obedience to itself, as Orwell saw, rather, people willingly give him their lives and their bodies. Look at how many Christian young men join the US military. That is the victory of the Beast over the church.

Here is an article that gives further evidence from a totally different point of view that we are in the fullness of times. Remember that Satan cannot create, he only twists and perverts the holy for his kingdom. His purpose is to mock, to mimic, and to scare the faint-hearted away from the revelation of Jesus Christ. This entire site, Vigilant Citizen, gives a clear and clean understanding of much of that hidden "mystery" of iniquity. Read, also, his description of the Supreme Court Building of Israel.

The site itself is not dark, though it shines the light on the extraordinary way in which our world today is under the sway of darkness. I include it here for those who wish to understand how the world really works.

The Occult Symbolism of the Movie "Metropolis" and Its Importance in Pop Culture


Let me give a brief explanation of the mystery of iniquity as it works in our world today.

For the first 1000 years of the church age the largest population of Jews in the world, that is, most Jews alive, was in the city of Babylon. The Babylon that God destroyed in fulfilment of Jeremiah's prophecy was a Jewish city. In Babylon the Jews, ruled over entirely by the Pharisees, mixed the pagan religious ritual of Babylon with the reasoning and doctrine of the Pharisees, twisting the Old Testament contrary to the Spirit of Christ. Their primary passion was hatred of Jesus and Christianity.

In the mid 11th century, Babylon was destroyed, and the Jews fled mostly into western and Mediteranean Europe. Meanwhile, a Turkic tribe living in the plains of southern Russia, the Khazars, had converted to Judaism at the top, that is the king and the nobility became "Jews." In 1238 the dark shadow of Mongol conquest covered Russia. In the 1500's the largest population of "Jews" on earth were discovered, then, in Russia. Almost all "Jews" alive today are thus descended from the Khazars, and not from Jacob.

Regardless of how any individual Jewish person today is decent - good people, yet most carry three marks that separate them from all others. First, they are convinced that they are superior to others, "chosen." Second, they always help each other; they work together to rise to the top of every Gentile society in which they live. And third, they tell themselves and their children, over and over, that they are the "persecuted ones." I know gentle and good people who practice these three things, that is, these three things come out of their mouths all the time.

Meanwhile, inside of Judaism, and including many Gentiles linked right in, is a body of very wicked, sick, and perverted psychopaths. These people use their fellow Jews in the same wicked way that they use all people. The Presidents of the US are part and parcel of that group. They are very sick and perverted men; I will not go into their base private practices.

These men rule the world through two primary things. The first is the total control of all banking and finance. They seduce all people with debt. All paper "money" is debt. To receive it in payment binds each individual to those who hold that debt, the international bankers.

And second is a vast system of symbolism all through modern culture, in business, in government, in pop culture. All modern symbolism comes out of Jewish Babylon; it is all Masonic, that is, from the Jewish Cabala. And it fills every part of how we see and understand this world. Jewish symbolism rules our world, and it rules by secrecy, by "mystery," just as God says.