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The Unveiling

By Daniel Yordy

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We are at the end of the age of human folly, at the end of the age of the limitation of God.

For six thousand years mankind has lived separated from God in the imagination of their minds. For two thousand years the Christian Church has waited for a “Jesus-far-away” finally to show up. Yet they are looking for Superman, not Christ, in just the same way that the Jews looked for Superman 2000 years ago.

The Jews rejected Jesus BECAUSE He was a man, just like themselves, living and walking in the likeness of sinful, mortal flesh. They killed Him because they could.

Few can tolerate a God who can be killed, a God who shows up walking the streets of this planet inside of human weakness. 

The Pharisees believed that had they been alive in Moses’ day, in Jeremiah’s day, they would have recognized God in the flesh. Jesus called them on their falseness – they utterly rejected God in the flesh in front of them.

Nothing offends more than a man or woman who was born on this earth, who grew up just like everyone else, who knows all about present-day culture, whose mother and father can be named, whose brothers and sisters can be visited, claiming that he or she walks in oneness with God, that God reveals Himself through them.

Yet man was created to be God’s image, to reveal an invisible God in all of His fullness to creation. God formed human flesh to contain all the fullness of God; He designed us to release God Himself in rivers of living water to flow across this planet.

Superman will never come; superman does not exist.

God reveals Himself in weakness, in a babe lying in a manger, in a man hanging naked upon a cross, laying down His life for His friends.

This is God; know Him.

God will never show Himself in the way that Satan imagines himself to be. He will never appear as the Pharisees demand.

Yet He comes as the Daystar arising in our hearts. And He is as real in us as He was in Jesus.

Everything is turned inside out and upside down. All expectations are shattered and found empty.

The revelation, the unveiling of Jesus Christ, as He comes exactly as the Scriptures actually teach, will catch everyone by utter surprise.

Except those whose hearts He has molded and shaped, battered and formed; they will be overwhelmed, yes, but not surprised, for He appears as them.

Christ in you is the hope of glory, not Christ in the sky. When people see Him outwardly, they weep for shame, for they never honored the One who fills their hearts and their flesh with His glory.

That the life of Jesus also may be revealed – 
unveiled – in your mortal flesh.

All creation groans for its deliverance with all agony of soul. Out of the depths of His heart, God prepares His answer – many sons, just like Jesus, walking in glory and purity upon this earth, proving to all creation that God’s word is true, that He fulfills the Covenant, that He does what He says.

And all creation is set free in the glorious liberty of the sons of God.

The unveiling of Jesus Christ is upon us. He is here; Jesus has walked this earth since the Day of Pentecost, June 5, AD 29. He has walked this earth hidden and unseen as those who belong to Him, filling their hearts with His Person.

Yet the time of His waiting is at an end. The cover is coming off. What glory will we know as we see Him as He really is – inside of us, filling our hearts with His glory?

We are just like Him, for we see Him as He is.

God reveals Himself to all creation through us.

Are you available for His purpose? Is being with Him as He reveals Himself once again upon this planet, in tenderness and meekness, in truth and purity, in kindness and joy, in power and great glory, the only thing you desire?

Can He reveal Himself through you?

When the cover is removed from you, what will there be inside – for all to see? 
Jesus — our Savior and our Friend.

In this volume, you will find a vision of that reality – the unveiling of Jesus Christ.