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Looking for His Appearing

J. Preston Eby is a brother from El Paso, Texas who has been teaching for many years a very similar word to what you are reading here. He speaks out of the same move and revelation of the Holy Spirit as I do.

Please go to the following website and read Part 9 through Part 15. The entire series is well worth your time, but is a huge amount of reading. Parts 9-15 are central to understanding the parousia, the presence of Jesus that we are right now experiencing.

Here is a bit from this great study of the several Greek words that speak of the appearing of the Lord.

“The PAROUSIA is THE GLORY OF HIS PRESENCE and THE PRESENCE OF HIS GLORY . . .  I am with you IN THIS PLACE, perhaps obscured by the shadows, but I am there, working within to conform you to My image, and bring you forth in My likeness. Though we share an existence apparently filled with nothing but the mundane happenings of the routine, YET GOD IS PRESENT AND ACCOMPLISHING GREAT AND MIGHTY THINGS within. God reveals Himself to the humble in the lowliest of disguises, but the proud who never look beneath the surface, fail to find Him even in the greatest of His manifestations.

Do not mistake it, my friend – Christ is coming literally, personally, bodily! Yes, He comes literally, for the Lord IS literal, actual, REAL! He comes personally, for He IS truly THE PERSON of all persons! And He comes bodily, for the appearance and presence of Christ is IN HIS BODY. “Now YE ARE the BODY of Christ.” The PAROUSIA, the PRESENCE of Christ is in the body. Consider now with reverent honesty the inspired words of the apostle, “And to you who are troubled rest with us, when the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven … when He shall come to be glorified I-N HIS SAINTS, and to be admired I-N ALL THEM THAT BELIEVE in that day” (II Thess. 1:7, 10).

That is the presence, the coming of the Son of God in and through the Christ Body. He is coming, coming, coming, from glory to glory, from experience to experience, from inworking to inworking, until we know the POWER AND GLORY OF HIS PRESENCE in all the fullness of HIMSELF.”

The Lord Jesus Christ has returned, walking upon this earth in you and in me. We ARE His body; He reveals Himself through us.