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Who Are We?

Volume 2 of Our Path Home
By Daniel Yordy

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Who Are We?

I have been a Christian since age seven, 51 years now. All of my life, Christianity has put in front of me a very definite definition of the human. Most Christian circles, evangelical, Charismatic, and deeper truth, are all in agreement on this defintion of the human.

The problem I have grappled with is that verse after verse in the New Testament does not agree with that definition.

What if we allowed the most powerful things God says about us in the New Testament to guide our understanding as we seek to know who we really are and why God created us in the first place? Would our view of ourselves change fundamentally from what we have always thought?

God says that He created us in His image and after His likeness. What does that mean? He further says that He is determined to conform us to the image of Jesus Christ. What does that mean?

What does it mean to be born a second time?

And if we see Jesus as He really is, will we discover that we are, after all, just like Him?

Paul tells us that we groan, through the Holy Spirit, for the resurrection of our physical bodies. When was the last time the Holy Spirit moved in your own heart in that very ministry? What is the resurrection and how does it apply to us?

Through this Volume, Who Are We?, I explore some of these issues, seeking to understand them through the Holy Spirit, and through specific verses in the New Testament, things that most seem to skip right over.

Does God speak the truth? When God commands us, over and over in the New Testament, that we are to be just like Him, is He just joking? Can we believe Him?

Sadly most Christians do not believe that He is speaking the truth, not when He commands us to be just like Himself and to do what He alone can do.

Let's find out what the Christian faith would be like if we did take God seriously, if we honored Him, as Mary honored Him:

"Look at me, God; I belong to You.
Let it be to me according to everything that You say."