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7. Facing the Storm

What God is doing is the dawning of the age to come in our lives right now. The coming of the Lord is not a 'lightning flash' that happens on one certain future day, but as the rise of the Daystar in our hearts. But it is the dawning of the new day that causes the present age to lash back with its dying gasps.

7. Facing the Storm

© Daniel Yordy 2010

I hope to convey some sense of what God is doing right now in the earth. Two history-changing events are happening both at the same time, the manifestation of the sons of God and the great final storm of evil. The first, though it appears smaller now, is the cause of the second. As time goes on, however, the first will grow larger until it swallows up the second.

Let me share more of the Annie Schissler visions with you.

That Holy Thing
As I entered His presence, He showed me something so impressive and frightening that I feared greatly. Although He specifically told me not to fear, even so, I could not feel completely at ease, for in almost unbearable pain and in great love, He tore open, as it were, His own spiritual form or body. Even though He had told me to look at it, I feared to and wanted to hide my eyes, for after this great tearing open of Himself I could see within. There I beheld something so terribly perfect in its holiness, that even the word perfection seems to sully it in my memory. This living something was very much a part of Himself, yet it seemed as though He were bringing forth, in a tremendous beginning, a new being from His own person. It was the same beginning in God that He had shown me several days before, in “The Place of a Beginning.” For long eons He has waited to manifest this most Holy Thing which He is about to bring forth.

The tremendous, radiant perfection – the holy glory of this beginning that He showed me – was so far beyond expression and so filled with holiness and God-life, that I felt greatly perturbed, and trembled even though He told me over and over again not to fear. It was something too high, holy and perfect to look upon.

When He said, “The hour has now come,” it seemed that He was about to explode, not in an explosion of terrible destructive violence, but rather a pacific explosion. The He came forth, as it were, in this explosion, and it was tremendously sweet. From this sweet, explosive breaking forth, He extended Himself over all; that is to say, He desired to manifest Himself, pouring this forth upon those of His own ones who were waiting upon Him. To me it seemed so imminent that it appeared to be right now, yet I know it was not at this moment of our time.

The New Life and the Angry Storm
Of late, every time He takes me unto Himself, I am made exceedingly conscious of the coming storm of persecution that is drawing ever nearer. It is already forming and developing, gathering its forces and heaping together its strength, preparing to break forth in hellish fury at a predetermined time.

This great storm of hate and fury, with its pain and bloodshed, is timed to break forth at the very same time as this high and Holy Thing that He (the Father) is bringing forth out of Himself shall be manifested upon the earth. The two things are forming in the invisible world at the same time and at the same pace. The storm of persecution and hatred shall break forth simultaneously with the coming light of this Holy Thing that He is bringing forth; which shall be manifested upon the earth in those whom He has chosen exclusively for Himself, and in whom He shall come forth in this new beginning.

Then this:

God’s View of the Storm
In prayer, God lifted me up into Himself and again showed me the great storm of evil and persecution that is coming upon all the earth. For the first time He showed it to me as He sees it, and not as I have seen it through my own eyes. To Him this storm was a most beautiful and glorious working out of His perfect will, which was bringing forth great blessing and not the destruction I had hitherto seen. In spite of being such a tremendous storm, nevertheless, it was not evil at all, but was filled with goodness. Seeing the storm as God sees it took away all the horror I had felt before concerning it.

Before it had appeared tragic and evil to me, and its image had haunted my natural thoughts because of its evil portents and terrible power, darkness, destruction, and pain. I now saw an entirely different image: the storm as it really is – a wonderful and powerful wave of His cleansing power and grace which is bringing forth rich blessings.

And finally this one:

His Presence Develops
God placed within His own ones something that did not fully develop in all of them. The development of this living thing only came forth into fullness in those who came into a state of His continual Presence, and who were continually dwelling in Him. This development came not by works, nor by strengths, nor by the strivings of man, but only by the continual Presence of Christ in their lives.

Annie received these visions in 1971, the time of their fulfillment is now. I am quoting from I Looked & I Saw Visions of God, edited by R. Edward Miller.

There is a strong teaching going out that we are not, in fact, at the end of this age of human folly, that the fulfillment of the Revelation of Jesus Christ happened in the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70, and that things on this earth are just going to get better and better as we discover the Christ within and bring positive transformation to our world.

I find no relationship between this line of thinking and the reality of the world we live in, nor the reality of the offense of Jesus Christ, nor the reality of what God is working in my spirit. Anyone is free to believe what they want; I can only speak what my heart tells me is true.

Let me share part of one more Annie vision to illustrate what I mean about the offense of Jesus Christ:

The Coming Persecution Today
He showed me strange, strong pains and sufferings that shall accompany the Holy Thing that He is bringing forth, as it were, out of His own being. The tremendous storm of pain and suffering accompanying this coming manifestation shall break forth simultaneously with it and shall be provoked by that holy, new beginning – the manifestation that He is going to bring forth and place in His chosen ones . . .

The thought occurred to me that it was almost a deceitful thing which He was about to give to His own ones, for although it was so high and holy, nevertheless, it would bring forth strong provocations, terrible reactions, and much suffering, pain and persecution. The chosen ones who receive this Holy Thing from Him shall also receive the pain and suffering provoked by it, for that Holy Thing shall be tremendously shocking to those who are in opposition to God.

There is sitting upon God’s people in America especially, and upon all people in general, a darkness, a stupor, a spirit of ignorance, concerning the things that are being prepared right now by evil men for this nation and this world. Let me share with you a personal note that I sent to a friend in response to reading about this teaching that everything is just going to get better and better because God loves everybody so much.

This is a private letter written without thinking of others reading it.

Dear __, What God is doing is the dawning of the age to come in our lives right now. The coming of the Lord is not a “lightning flash” that happens on one certain future day, but as the rise of the Daystar in our hearts. However, it is the dawning of the new day that causes the present age to lash back with its dying gasps.

Here are some points that weigh heavily with me:

1. There are some really nasty people right now on this earth planning some really nasty things for their fellow man. Some of these nasty people work together, and some just work on their own little projects independent of the others.

2. I am convinced that the love of God has already reconciled all men to Himself and that in the end Jesus will restore the entire creation to the Father. However, I still suspect that God is a bit perturbed when arrogant, apathetic people inflict pain and loss upon innocent people so that the first group can continue living way beyond their means. In other words, a Christian pastor who calls for the destruction of the Iranian people much more inspires God’s anger than, say, a homosexual. Yes, God still loves this pastor, and in the end will save even him, but for the present moment, it might be a different matter.

3. As the revelation of Jesus arises within us, He comes as a light that exposes every element of darkness that is in this world. Darkness hates being exposed and will strike back to put out that light. Darkness will lose, of course, but I see now that it is the arising of God’s answer in this world that causes the dark things of the “tribulation.” In fact, as I contemplate the bright shining of light and the violent opposition of darkness, I am looking just at a present understanding of current events, regardless of any reading of the Bible.

4. The more we walk in union with Jesus, the more we will come into opposition to American Christianity. It is normal in history for people to get violently passionate about their religious views, and it is normal in human history for people who love Jesus to be burned at the stake by those who think they are Christians.

5. These really nasty people who are planning some really nasty things for their fellow humans are primarily Talmudic Jews – the Talmud being the doctrine of the Pharisees written down – the most anti-Christ book on the planet. The American government is filled with Talmudic Jews, or, in other words, Pharisees, the same faction that opposed Jesus.

6. Strangely, 9/11 does rule the present world. (It was meant to – every part of what happened comes out of the Jewish Cabala, occult ritual designed to cast a blanket of spiritual darkness over, in particular, the church.) All who accept the lie of the government continue with a false view of this world. At the same time, most who believe in the laws of forensic science now understand that all paths of evidence lead to Israel. And until the American people face reality and accept justice, they will continue to lash out in blind rage against innocent people.

7. The world system as it exists today is very hurtful to people in very real ways. Just one little thing is immunization – it is a growing reality that injecting that toxic garbage into an infant’s body right after birth, over and over, is a crime of hatred committed by non-thinking parents who “trust” the world system without comprehension. Because the world is such a vicious creator of hurt and because it maintains its place by darkness and lies, Jesus is at war with it.

The good news is that we are really and truly a new creation in Christ, and that I no longer ever need walk separate from Jesus ever again. But on the other hand, the world (and the church in the world) is in open opposition to the reality of Christ revealing Himself in us. I no longer see the cross as “You are a big problem, Daniel, and you must die.” But I do see the cross as that which stands between me and the world and between the world and me.

Incredibly, almost the entire Christian world is utterly deluded about how the present world really works. Knowing and desiring to speak the truth is a lonely and scary place to be. Because I am a careful thinker, I should view myself as insane, but I know what is true is true. We have lived in the matrix more than we know, and it is those held by the matrix, whom we are fighting to set free, that are most likely to kill us for our efforts. But we ourselves – and there are others – are awakening out of that matrix of darkness and are seeing reality for the first time. In doing so, we understand why Jesus was killed, and we can also understand that the second witness of Christ will also be universally opposed.

I am not looking for a Jesus appearing in the sky, coming in a single body, to whom we must get in line to talk to Him, finding Him in this place or in that. Jesus is come, right now in me. This is the presence, the appearing, the revelation of Jesus, the person, Jesus. He is inside of me. He is my life. I walk in a growing sense of seeing Him in me at all times. It is a wonderful fellowship. It is Jesus. I visit with Him; He talks with me, and He is my life.

We do not see this with our eyes. It is the same human face, Daniel Yordy, when I look in the mirror. I believe, first. I believe, based on what God says in the New Covenant. And then I “see” what I believe. It is a seeing of faith, it is a seeing as God sees, it is a knowing the He is appearing in me. It is Jesus, in His full coming, who is my life. It is Jesus, present in me.

As Annie said, “the continual Presence of Christ in their lives.” It is a simple choice on our part to believe it to be true. To believe it, and to walk in the ever- enlarging knowledge that Jesus, in all that He is, is the only life we have.